Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Awesome Homemade Gifts for Kids

There is something special that comes from gifts that are homemade.
These gifts were a hit this year and made by myself, my mother, or my sister-in-law. The memories that will come from these gifts will last long beyond the things that came from the store.

My mom made these adorable shields for the little boys in our family this year.

She followed the tutorial found here.
We also added a foam dagger we found at Dollar Tree.


 I took this dollar store bucket...

And then I used a yellow paint pen to add the "Star Wars" logo around the center of the bucket.

This was where my son now gets to keep his new "Star Wars" figures dad bought him off ebay.

I fell in love with the idea of a geo-board for my two year old. So I made one with some scrap wood we had in the basement and a pack of thumb tacks. Then I got a large pack of girls pony tail holders and it was ready to go. I got this idea here.


Here is the Judy Moody fan, and her new Judy Moody outfit / PJ's or whatever.

She had stated a few weeks before Christmas that she wished she had a T-shirt that says "I ate a Shark" just like Judy Moody has in the books. How could I resist that comment, so I got aunt Lara on board to make her the shirt while I whipped up Judy's famous tiger striped pants out of polar fleece, super warm for winter. She has now had them on for three days if that tells you anything. Don't worry I washed them once in there.


The next thing I talked my mom into making, was a mini version of the Owl Cell Phone Holders I made. But this time they were necklaces to hold the girls mp3 players they got for Christmas.
Because they were so small she used her machine stitches to make them instead of hand done floss like my larger version.

The mp3 players which were pretty small, fit perfectly in these little necklaces. This was something I requested because the players were so small I thought they may just loose them.

They worked perfectly I was so happy with them and so were the girls.


I have been searching for a bathrobe for my son for about a year now and never found anything I really liked. So when I saw these Jedi Robes here. I knew that was what my mother needed to make for my son this year.

He is in LOVE...
Not to mention it give new life to his light sabers which has sat untouched in a while.
Plus the polar fleece will keep him warm on cold morning this winter, and I am sure it will end up being his costume of choice for Halloween next year. I love multi-purpose gifts.
Notice the nephews sporting their shield pillows in the shot below as well.

Memories to last a lifetime!


  1. great ideas - might have to steal these for next Christmas.

  2. I love the little mp3 player pouches, I also know a little boy who would love one of those jedi robes! Thanks for sharing your creations!

  3. Hey Kara - I wonder if the link to the owl cell phone holder is broken? For me it just links back to your blog address. Gabi and I are thinking about making them here soon. :) Natalie

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