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Friday, August 12, 2011

Ruler Basket Folder Holder Teacher Gift

I said I was going to try it, so I did! I figured it would be a good "back to school" article in September issue of The Hood Magazine which I write for so for all you Hood readers out there here is a sneak peak at September's project. 
 I helped my daughter make a basket this time. It is for her new teacher, but this time instead of the Yard Sticks I used the 12 inch school supply rulers that are super easy to find right now and fit well with a classroom theme.

To make this basket you will need six 12 inch rulers.
One 1x4 that is 12 inches long.
Two 1x4s that are 6 inches long.
Wood glue
We also used a drill to pre-drill all the nail holes.

I had her attach the two 6 inch pieces to the 12 inch piece with wood glue and two nails. Make sure you do it like the photo shows. If you try to attach them on the sides of the board the width will not be right to attach the rulers.

Then space out 3 rulers on each side, where you want them and attach them by pre-drilling a hole, adding some wood glue and nailing them into place.

I pre-drilled the holes and helped her by holding things but she did all the hammering herself. Well.. except in the one spot where a stubborn knot in the wood was keeping the nail from going in. That is where I took over and bent the nail, so yes the bent nail is my fault. I am sure she will make sure her teacher knows this.

 She hopes that there are craft projects like this in first grade at school.
I am not sure how a first grade teacher would feel about 20 plus students with hammers in hand? humm...

I hope that it works well to hold all the classroom take home folders.
Although I am sure there are many things a teacher could use a basket like this for. 

While you are here be sure to check out the Yard Stick Basket I made for my sewing room the same way. 

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  1. I'll tell ya how a first grade teacher would feel with 20 6 year olds running around with hammers...scared! Hee Hee. This is so super cute. Thanks for sharing. I may need to make some for my teacher friends and their classrooms!

  2. Wow I LOVE this! I'm impressed with your daughter's talent and interest in building things!! I'd love to have you add this to my Pinterest Tuesday weekly link up! http://ourcountryroad.blogspot.com/2011/08/pinterest-tuesday-week-one.html

  3. Very cute idea! I love the ruler crafts I've seen out in blogland lately, adding this to my inspiration folder! Newest follower!

    Brie from darlingdoodles.blogspot.com

  4. Another awesome project!!! How cool!

  5. A gift made by own hands has its worth specially when you Send Gift Pakistan to you r family or teacher in my case.

  6. When I was a room mother I planned a project using hammers. I first tested it with my 5yo kgartner and his 3 yo sister. They both did very well. However a lot of the class could not do it. I had an alternate variation that involved coloring instead of hammering, I was shock at how many could not or would not make a simple line drawing by connecting dots.

  7. I used to teach woodworking to 4 year olds at a local day care. I big question of parents was their kids hitting their fingers with the hammer. I told them that if they use the hammer correctly then that wouldn't happen. If they did something wrong then it would hurt but not maim and that lessons that hurt but don't main are lessons well learned. One rule was when they went to hammer they would hold on to the head, straighten out their arm, and see if they could touch anyone. If so people were too close.