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Thursday, July 21, 2011

This Basket Rules! Yard Stick Basket

Another Grandmas Treasures Post Today!
Where I take old things from Grandmas house since we have two Grandmas who are moving, and upcycle them into something new.

Today's object!

Yard Sticks!
We brought home 3 or 4 of these from Grandma Bauer's Garage.

I am so excited about this one. I am in the middle of reorganizing my craft/sewing room many many projects to show you on that soon.
I wanted interesting storage for things. I love upcycled things, I love objects that mean something or have history and that work for organization. I want my craft and sewing supplies to be visible and accessible in my craft room.

I spotted this project on Pinterest and fell in love and knew I wanted my son to help out.
So we cut the yard sticks, and used some wood from the scrap pile in the basement. Pre-drilled some holes to make hammering easier and my 4 year old helped make me this.

This awesome storage basket.
Look at how proud he is.
We put the date on the bottom with a little note that he and mommy made it. What is even cooler is the on the back of one of the yard sticks on the inside of the basket, one that happened to be broken before this project, is the name of my husband's grandfather who passed away many years ago. We are keeping a part of him and hopefully it might last to pass on once more.

What will I use it for??
Well to be honest I just went with the wood that was downstairs so I only made two cuts to one board, and then went upstairs to search for something interesting to keep in it I didn't have anything in mind before hand.

 I was so excited to discover that the shoebox of bias tape and rickrack I just brought home from the other Grandma's house fit perfectly in two little rows, and I can see the fun colors from the side and easily get out what I am looking for.

I am just in love with this project for so many reasons right now.

I can think of both grandmas when I see this basket, and a grandpa I never met, and my little pumpkin who used his own two hands to hammer in the crooked little nails.
It really is a work of art, and a work of heart.
A true Grandma's Treasure.

I also put this under a back to school label because I think it would make a great teacher gift. Use 6, 12 in rulers insetad and she could easily use it to store the student's folders in.
I might just have to make another one like that soon! :)

If you LOVE this project please leave a comment saying so.
I love hearing what you think and I read them all!

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  1. Awesome! I love how it turned out!

  2. Adorable! Much better looking than my mismatched plastic containers. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I totally need to do this. I've had a yellow yardstick in my car for months and I have a ton of vintage tape and cording. So this only seems right!!

  4. Fun! Now I have to start collecting yardsticks too! Visiting from Take-A-Look Tuesday.
    ~ Kimberlee at The Spunky Diva 

  5. Love this idea! And it looks like you found the perfect use for it!

  6. So cute - adding it to my "must make" list!

  7. It truly is a treasure - gives me yet one more idea for all my yardsticks - thanks!!

  8. Love it! I really love the Tupperware yardstick, I am on the hunt for one now.