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Friday, July 8, 2011

Drip Drip SPLASH!

We have just returned from Camp Weber-Wolf. 

Sounds fancy but really it was just a fun one-night camping trip a friend of mine and I put together last minute with 8 kids ages 2-13.

You would think such a wide age-span would be difficult to entertain... But we found a game that worked perfect. I was surprised I was the only one who had even heard of it before. So I decided I better share this one with you.

The Game is called...
Drip Drip SPLASH!

You have heard of Duck Duck Goose, or... I guess some people call it Duck Duck Grey Duck.
Well this game is played the same way but with a twist that makes it interesting to everyone, even the big kids.

You will need a cup of water! The softer the cup the better, We used an empty cup from Jimmy Johns fountain pop. Hard cups may result in a bump in the head.

 Just like your traditional game of Duck Duck Goose, everyone sits in a circle and the person who is it walks around the outside. But instead of saying "Duck Duck Duck.... Goose" you say "Drip drip drip... Splash!" Each time you say drip you put your hand in the cup and drip some water off your hand onto each persons head as you go around the circle. When you choose who you want to chase you around the circle you yell splash and dump the whole cup of water on their head.

Then that person chases the person around the circle and back to their spot. We played if you get tagged you have to fill the cup up at the water fountain for the next person, instead of them having to go over to fill it themselves.

 Even my two year old was able to walk around the circle saying "Dip, dip, spash!" It was too adorable. Everyone thought the game was great and we played until everyone had a turn including me.

 If it is hot when you are camping but there is not a place to swim nearby this is a great way to cool off.

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  1. Oh my gosh that is such a cute idea! I have kids who would be perfect for this. Maybe we can invite some neighborhood kids, just to make it a party!

  2. This is fantastic! I seriously cannot wait to play with my son and some friends. Thank you so much for sharing!

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