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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Glow Fun!

I rarely blog anymore, but I couldn't resist posting about the fun we had today. This was a little discovery I made back when I taught preschool almost 9 years ago now and I have never shared this idea with anyone outside that daycare center so I feel I needed to tell the world somehow.

Kid K'nex are a staple toy at many preschool centers, they are durable and a great building toy. But did you know that they glow in a black light. Yep! This creates a whole new sensory activity. We did this around Halloween time and the kids built bats, monsters, and spiders that glow in the dark.

My kids had their tent set up inside for a little camp-in for daylight savings weekend so I grabbed our black light from our college years and put it up at the top of the tent. We simply dumped the Kid K'nex out and surprised the kiddos with glow fun.

Wearing glow or neon clothes just add to the fun.

We also had to teach them that highlighter ink also glows. While we didn't teach them to write on the tent walls like we did with our dorm room walls back in college, (because you can only see it when the black light is on) I did allow them to use their body as their art canvas. Again you can barely see it when the lights are on and arms and legs are covered here this time of year anyway.

It was a big hit in their books, so I felt I simply must share this with all of you. So may glow activities these days involve a large mess. This one still has all the glow power, with very little mess to clean up.

Happy glowing!