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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Colorful Hair Wraps

Looks like we just came home from a fun vacation doesn't it. These are popular in tourist areas and many young girls get them on summer trips with their families. But you don't have to travel to an island in the Bahamas to get one of these you can do them yourself. They are easy and a fun way to celebrate summer.

You will need embroidery floss and a scissors.

Take a small section of hair and put it into a tight braid a bit smaller than the diameter of a pencil. Getting it wet may help hold in stray hairs. It may also help if you pull the rest of the hair back into a quick ponytail to keep it out of the way.

Choose the colors of floss you want to use and cut them 4 times the length of the braid. We choose 4 colors. Much more than 4 and you may have to make your braid a bit thinner because the floss is going to make it larger.
Put all your pieces together and find the middle. Place the middle under your braid and tie a knot as close to the top of your braid as you can. I just used a single knot but pulled pretty tight. Keep an eye on it and try to keep it high, it may try to slide down a bit as you start wrapping.

Choose the color you want to start with. Grab both strands of that color and wrap around the braid starting at the top. Make sure each time you go around you are right next to the last time you went around so that it covers the braid and the other colors. Wrap tightly, but make sure you are not pulling so much that the knot is sliding down. If it is push it back up to the top.
Some people do fancy knots as they go down I have done this before but it takes way more time, It is harder to keep stray hairs out, and it is really hard to remove when you want your wrap out. I also like the clean smooth look of this better.

 When you want to change colors, just put the strands of the color you are using back into the middle and grab the two strand of the color you want to change two and pick up wrapping where you left off.

Since you are wrapping with two strands at a time you could wrap with say one pink and one blue. It gives the wrap a neat stripe look.  It does get a little more tricky when you do this, because you have to make sure your strings stay in order and do not cross at all as you wrap. Single color blocks are easier until you have more practice.

When you get to a point you want to end it. Just take all the strands you have and tie them in a looped knot back on themselves. They do not need to be tied around the hair at the end. I left off a bit from the end of the braid so the her hair is hanging a bit out of the end. Sometimes they cut the ends at vacation destinations, sometimes you can continue it longer just wrapping the floss itself and then tie a ending knot if you have your floss long enough.

Anyway super fun, super cute, not expensive, and not too hard. Great for sleepovers. Or any holiday theme
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  1. I saw you on the Seven Thirty Three link party. My friends and I used to do these all the time when we were younger! I had totally forgotten about this, thanks for reminding me! I'm going to have to do this on my daughter now.

  2. So, that's how you do it! My Princess has been wanting one of these, and I didn't know how! Thank you so much for this GREAT turorial! I am pinning it and doing this for her! I am your newest follow and would love it if you follow back! Have a great 4th!

  3. Wow, that is so simple! Too bad I don't have a little girl. I guess I could borrow one? ;) Alas, my boys don't have long hair and I think I might be a bit old, but I'm glad to know how to do it! You never know when it might come in handy.

  4. I love this! What a great tutorial! Just joining your followers and hope you can come join mine!!!!
    xo Jennifer

  5. very pretty luv the idea...
    Don’t forget to add it to our linking party for our readers to discover your blog at


  6. Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial! My daughter would love to do that one day and now I know how! Thanks!

  7. we were on vacation in Florida and they wanted $1 PER INCH...I'm SOOOO doing this on my own now. Thanks for the instructions!

  8. I did this to my oldest daughters hair about 2 years ago, she kept it in for almost a year :) I did my own when I was around 14, I'll be 32 in 3 weeks! Going to try and see if my youngest will let me do hers!

  9. Fun! My daughter has been asking for pink streaks in her hair. She's 5. This would be a fun thing we can do for her since pink streaks are so not happening. :)

    1. I can help you out with the pink streaks too, read this post.


      Use sidewalk chalk, wet it with water and it washes out in one wash. Super temporary, but looks cool!

  10. Ya but how do you get it out of there hair?

    1. You unwrap it. It is just wrapped around their hair. Only tied at the bottom, trim the bottom knot off and then start unwrapping, trim off longer strings as you unwrap to make it easeir. So you pretty much take it out the same way you put it in. I can see if you tie knots as you go like some people suggest, it will be difficult, but this is just wrapped. We leave them in for around a month, then just unwrap when we get tired of them.
      You could just make a bracelet the same way and attach it to a barette if you want an easy in and easy out one day look.

  11. Thats coolo i would love to learn how to make them!

  12. Great tutorial! I just did one in my daughters gaur she's very happy!

  13. How do you wash it...??