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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back to School Loose Leaf Paper T-shirt

Go back to school in style and score some extra teacher points with this loose leaf paper T-shirt.
Stripes are in, and making this awesome additon to your child's wardrobe is easier and cheaper than you think. Students of any age (even teens) can rock this style, and have a blast making it!

What you need:
White T-shirt. We got our white shirts at Dollar Tree.
Red Sharpie Marker
Blue Sharpie Marker
Yard Stick or other Ruler
Cardboard or Paper Grocery Bag

Get started:
1. Pre-wash and dry your shirt, this will help the marker will stay on longer without washing out.
2. Lay your shirt out flat. Put a piece of cardboard or empty paper grocery sack inside to prevent marker from bleeding though to the back of the shirt.
3. Start your top blue line a couple of ruler widths from the bottom armpit sleeve of your shirt.
4. Use the width of your ruler to keep the distance equal between your lines.
5. Continue blue lines acoss the shirt until you get to the bottom of the shirt.
6. Midway between your collar and sleeve use your ruler and red sharpie perminate marker to make a vertical line from your shoulder seam to the bottom of the shirt.
7. Rock your new back to school look. You could also use a black sharpie at this point to write a message on your paper like. "Too cool for school!" Or just leave it plain like ours.

Please look for this article in the September issue of The Hood Magazine.

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Hair Chalking Today, Gone Tomorrow

Summer has been so busy! So busy I have not been blogging which is crazy. But it is a good busy so I will not complain.
I did however want to blog up a quick little project that you may have some fun with 4th of July weekend.
Hair Chalking. Yep that is right. Hair Chalking. This safe and temporary hair color technique is done with plain old sidewalk chalk.

Get your sidewalk chalk wet with water and then rub on the strands of hair you want to be colored. My daughter did some pink chunks.

My son sporting the all important summer little boy Mohawk went with blue.

My youngest even did a little chunk of his favorite color yellow right up front.
Best thing about this hair color is that it washes out completely with one wash.

Honestly my kids slept on it that first night and most of it had disappeared by morning without even washing.

This is much safer and cheaper than hair dye, super temporary unlike using Kool-aid, not messy to do and easy to boot.

Please note that even though your kids are acting the same way they always do in the grocery store it does seem twice as rotton and bad when their hair is funky colored, and you may get a few extra stares and glares from older people when you are used to sweet comments from them about your cute kiddos.
It is a good one day lesson for the kids on how to not judge people on their appearance but on what is in their hearts.

I am sure the Mohawk will be sporting red white and blue stripes for the 4th of July.
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