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Monday, September 17, 2012

Dry Erase Lunch Box Notes!

Notes in kids lunchboxes are a way cool way to let your child know you are thinking of them while they are at school. I used to write little notes, and I even used to print off some generic little notes. This year however I just didn't feel like dragging out the paper and markers, or printing and cutting notes to have ready.
Then I got a great idea! I pack my kids lunches in Ziploc three compartment containers, then put them into their lunchbox. I really like the containers and they seem to hold up well given I only had to buy one set of two for my daughter to use last year.
I took a look at a popular website that has people pack lunches in similar containers. One container was decorated with permanent markers. This made the little light bulb go off in my head.
Dry erase lunch box love notes right on their containers! I grab the magnetic marker off the fridge and scribble them a doodle or note each day. Easy quick, and no paper waste! I erase them before they get washed and they are ready to go for the next time.
If you do wash them in the dishwasher before you wipe them off, they get baked on a bit, they still wipe off, but not quite as easily.

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