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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egg Carton Framed Rose Heart


"Painting the roses red, were painting the roses red!"

This song came in handy for this project! My daughter really enjoyed this project and look how cute it turned out.

Reminds me of this type of fancy Valentines decore.
Widescreen Rose Garland: Heart Shape Rose Bouquet


What you need:
Cardboard egg carton that holds 18 eggs. (the ones that are three wide)
Red Paint
White paper
Cardboard Square
Black paint.

We cut the heart out in one piece and painted it red!
We painted a square piece of cardboard black
We put a square piece of paper onto the black cardboard piece so that it looked like it was framed in black.
Then we glued the heart in the middle of the paper.



Preschool art project style, yet with a subtle twist of sophistication. :)


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