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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muffin Tin Quiche

Want an easy breakfast for the kiddos? Something that has good protein to get them through the morning until lunch . This may be a good idea for you. We made these at MOPS for Easter brunch the last few years everyone seemed to love them

We used this recipe....  But baked them in muffin tins instead of baking large pans of it because muffin tins cook a bit faster, and there were little servings ready for plates.

So prepare like the recipe says, spray your muffin tin put your cheese in the bottom and put your egg mixture in and top with bacon. The flour and cheese make a makeshift crust for these little quiches.

I just made some today. I left out the butter, and they turned out fine. I also used diced ham instead of bacon.

This idea makes it easy to do whatever you want for each member of your family. Great for an Easter brunch at home for example. Make to order mini quiche. Kids can totally help with these, have the put the cheese and ham in each cup before you dump in the egg mixture.

I took them out and let them cool on a plate a bit then put them in a gallon Ziploc to put in the freezer. Then I will just pop one out and toss it in the microwave to heat quick when I need them. I have read that toaster ovens do a great job of heating them up too if you have the time.

 I don't recommend making a TON of these to freeze and I do recommend to use them up sooner than later. They are better fresh, but for a quick grab, they will work fine.

Weight Watchers Version:
I made some special ones for myself.. See the original idea was to make an egg bake but... I have been watching my calorie intake lately and wanted to make a similar version with veggies and egg beaters, but wanted my family to be able to have ham and cheese in their version, since the kids are not about to eat onions or mushrooms. So I just used Egg beaters, mushrooms, onions, and zucchini in my version. I left out the four and cheese. I calculated the Weight Watchers points. It says that 1/4 cup of egg beaters is one pt. according to the old pt system I am still using. So each egg muffin thing is 1 pt since veggies are zero. I plan on popping one onto an English muffin for a quick grab breakfast, or adding some salsa for a tasty sit down breakfast. Remember salt and pepper and garlic are zero points too so I used those as well.

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  1. I love the colored rice idea... my lil one is a picky eater... this is fun, creative and hopefully she'll eat it. Thank you!