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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Upcycled Baby Gown Gift

I got to make a gift for a baby shower and after seeing this post over at MADE. I was dying to make a baby gown like the ones they made. I didn't however have a pattern so I used a 0-3 months outfit I have on hand as a pattern for the size.

I love the criss-cross neckline of this so that you can easily get a babies head in, yet still not have the gown have a gigantic neck hole.

Of course I used XXL T-shirts I got a deal on as the fabric for this. For the little hat I used the sleeve of the t-shirt.

Freezer paper stenciling was a must for this outfit. I decided to go with the grandpa's business logo just for fun. I know the baby is not going to out and about in this outfit since gowns do not work well with car seats, so I figured it didn't really matter what I put on it and thought the business logo would get a little chuckle out of grandma and grandpa.

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