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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cherry Blossom Display

I spent some time in the doctors office this week, as some of you may know, without the kids, which was kind of nice. The big pro to this situation is that I got to read an actual magazine while I waited. So I grabbed up the spring Martha Stewart issue and saw this project.

So of course I knew it was perfect for my entry way since I have been swapping things out for each season.
Bead Board Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Star of Sticks for Christmas
and Egg Carton Heart for Valentines Day

Up until last night I still have my Valentines Heart sitting there and people heading to my place for a birthday party today so I was thankful for Martha, and thankful for time alone at the doc. Although the doc didn't have the greatest news for me. My gall bladder is going to be removed sometime in the near future. FUN!

Yet good old  Martha was there to say, "but hey you have a great craft project to do now."

So I got to work on my cherry blossoms, and put up our cross oil lamp which is our unity candle from our wedding. Love that thing. So it is ready for spring!

I won't be changing this up for much longer. The wall will soon have a family photo on it, we just had our photos taken last week. Can't wait to get one framed, but choosing which one is so hard.

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