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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Narnia Peter and Edmund Costume

Peter and Edmund dressed kind of alike in the Prince Caspian movie.

Image from Faithfilms.blogspot.com

The bottom of the costume is the only difference, Edmund has a squared off bottom and Peter's comes to a point at the bottom.

So really you could easily make either.
Here is the one you can buy, again for $25-50. I am thinking it does not come with that sword.

We went with the point for fun so I guess my youngest is Peter.

The vest is pretty simple. Just fold over some red fabric, we used some flannel I had. Cut it to the right length. I folded it again to make the neck hole and the point at the bottom. Finished and turned the edges. I also added some yellow gold colored bias tape at the bottom, since I have a stash of that from my grandmother.

To add the lion crest I knew I wanted to freezer paper stencil it.
Print off your lion, trace it onto the freezer paper and cut it out with a blade.

Iron the freezer paper down onto the vest so that it sticks.
I just happened to have gold fabric paint. Doesn't everyone???

And... drum roll please.....

Yep the costume looks great huh?
Well it helps a ton to have all this cuteness wearing it!

I will go Aslan!

Still working on that hood thing. I will figure it out before the big day.
I can be your hero baby!


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  1. Adorable! You're doing awesome with these costumes! I need to get started on my kids'...


  2. I wish I could sew - how cute is that costume!!!

  3. Love it! Wish you would share how you made that hooded shirt!