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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prince Caspian Narnia Costume

Costume number 2 done! This one was so fun to make. I didn't think it would be as much fun as it was. Again I didn't have to buy anything. What did I use?

One old belt cut in two.
Kids black sweatpants we had.
Sister's black leather boots.
Box weave fabric, like long underwear material. I got two bolts of it for $2 each at Walmart Last year knowing I could use it for something.
Some scrap vinyl we got from Grandma Shirley's garage a couple weeks ago.
Some string elastic from Grandma Cookies stash.
Fabric paint
and some silver spray paint

Here a photo of Prince Caspian photo credit Beyond Hollywood.com

Here is a photo of the costume you can buy for $25-$50

I can assure you that it does not come with the boots!

I started with the vest, I cut up a pair of pants I got at a thrift store for myself, but they were too large and too short.
See here are the pants now.

I pieced together a vest from the pant legs and added some pray paint with a net over it to give it some texture, then painted some armor rectangles kind of like Caspian's, but simplified because one, I didn't want to sit and paint all day, and two I wanted my Caspian to look a bit more cute than the actual one.
I think I got the cuteness factor I was looking for.
What do you think?

And with his chain mail hood, I think that might still need some work, doesn't look quite the way I want it to, but works.

Ready to go on a quest for Aslan!

View from behind. Here you can tell where I did some piecing of the pants. I like the funky look of it to be honest. I just started draping, sewing, and piecing to make it work.

The cuffs are closed with elastic chord so that they are easy for him to put on and take off by himself.

 One Happy Prince!

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