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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Five Strand Woven or Braided T-shirt Bracelet.

I was excited to find a tutorial today on how to five strand braid. I took one look at the braid and took off doing it. Then I went back and read the tutorial. and realized it was pretty over complicated instructions. I just looked at the braid and came up with a WAY easier way to do it.

Super simple I promise!

If you know how to weave simple over and under, you can do this!!

Take your five strands of whatever... I used pulled T-shirt strips, and knot them or sew them at one end. Spread them out.

Then take the strand on the right side, this is how I did it anyway... and weave it over and under the other 4 strands until it is on the left side.

Then start again with the strand on the right and repeat... Weave the strand that is on the far right over to the far left side.. over, under the other four strands.

Hop to the right repeat again and again and again. :)

Easy Peasy!

I did really like the cute headbands they made with the over complicated five strand braid tutorial I found at Make it Love it, but headbands do not stay in my hair or my daughters, they always slide out.

No big deal I really wanted a T-shirt bracelet anyway so I made my own mini version.

But do head over to Make it love it. to see how she starts and finished her headbands because that is actually how I did my bracelet and she did do a really nice job of explaining that part of the project.

Totally my favorite color. The t-shirt I used to make it I got last year at a thrift store sale, not because it fit.. just because It was my favorite color. :)

So here is my finished bracelet. Way cooler color in person by the way.

I love doing projects. I like taking photos too, but when you are your own model it makes things difficult. You always want nice pics so people like the look of your projects but honestly sometimes you just feel plain silly snapping photos of things. For example

The mirror is my friend. Ha! Got to love the backwards lettering, and it is always cool to have the camera in the shot.

No makeup today so I will cover that up. Cause everyone puts on makeup and dresses nicely and does their hair when they are hanging at home cleaning and crafting.

Then there is who knows how many shots like this that you delete just trying to take a photo of yourself.

Almost got it!

Wow look at those veins. I guess I will never be a professional hand model. Sigh.

Oh well I have a new bracelet that I really like.

To that I say.. "Forget about the pics. Cool beans!"

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  1. Thank you so much for the easier braid! I was confused on that sites' tutorial as well!

  2. Yes, thank you so much for this post!! I was going out of my mind not understanding that other tutorial (and feeling quite silly!).

  3. Thanks for the easy instructions! Making a bracelet now! :) I found your site from Pinterest btw. Thanks! -Sara

  4. I made a lanyard using your tutorial and I just want to say thanks for the awesome tutorial. :) It was easy to follow and I got several compliments on it.