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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paracord Jewlery, an Alternative

I think it must have been a number one stocking stuffer for boys and teens this year because all of a sudden I am seeing paracord bracelets and necklaces on kids everywhere.

They use the same knots and patterns as the hemp jewelry that was popular back in my high school and middle school years. During those years of my life, I made a nice profit from making and selling hemp jewelry at local craft shows where my mother usually had a booth. I also would make and sell them to the local Last Stop CD Shop, used CD stores. I supplied them with hemp jewelry at a price that was good for me, then they would mark it up and resell it, then I would see it on classmates later that week in school. 

My son is not old enough to be observant to notice that the braided necklaces are the new cool thing, but his mama who can easily make these things thought he might think it was cool if I made him a little gift. Especially since he made me a great bracelet out of pipe cleaner and beads just this week.

YET... I need to go out and buy more craft supplies like I need a new hole in the head.

I am sure the paracord jewelry fad was started by someone (probably a bit Green) who was trying to give new life to the parachute cord from a parachute that had met it's limit for jumps and could no longer be used.
I am all about that idea, reusing things is my favorite. But I am not going to go out and buy spools of new chord in order to make a couple pieces of jewelry. You all know I am a use what I have girl. So.. what do I have a ton of???

Old t-shirts.
I have lots of old shirts. So I took three t-shirts in my son's favorite colors. Cut a one inch strip off the body of each shirt and pulled them into yarn. Then I took those three pieces and braided them into a necklace for him.

It is stretchy material so it will go on and off over his head even though I tied it in the back instead of buying a closure. He really liked it. It will look like some other kids necklaces, and he is not old enough to know the difference nor will he care.

I used some of the scraps and started a little bracelet out of them as well.
Same sort of look, same size. Color choices are endless, and... upcycling what you have, which I think was one of the main reasons this jewelry was created in the first place. 

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