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Monday, January 3, 2011

Upcycled Frappicino Bottle, Single Bottle

I wanted something else fun to add to the Christmas gifts I made for my youngest cousins. One is in second grade and one is in seventh grade.

I decided some personalized candy jars would do the trick.

I had asked what their favorite candy was that would fit in a hole the size of the circle you can make with your index finger and your thumb.

The answers were:

Almond Joy for the older of the two girls.
Root beer Barrels for the younger.

I thought for sure I was in trouble when I heard these choices, but our regular grocery had mini almond joy bars and they also had root beer barrels in the candy by the pound section.

I originally thought I would decorate them with whatever colors I thought, but once I got the candy in the jars I thought I better try to match the color of the candy.

I didn't think I had the paper to do so but turns out I didn't do too bad. Had to add some bling too of course and ribbon.

Really think it would be fun to to some Valentines gifts like this as well with chocolates. I would like mine filled with Dove Promises please.  I will probably have to make one for myself.

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