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Monday, June 13, 2011

Outdoor Campus Museum Scavenger Hunt Printable!

The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls is a great place to hang out with the kids. We have been there TONS of times and my kiddos never get tired of it. 

There are awesome trails in back where you can do some lite hiking by the river, check out the fish pond where you can usually find baby geese in the springtime. Raccoons have been spotted snoozing in trees and you can do some great birdwatching with binoculars they have on hand.

Inside they have mounted animals in native habitat settings. The animals are species that are local to our area. There are lots of things to learn about each animal and their habitats and great things to learn about hunting and camping, boating, fishing and conservation as well. They also have a few live animals inside like their friend and mascot Flopper the Blue Jay!

Don't forget to check out the giant fish tank in back that has local freshwater fish such as walleye, bass, crappies, bluegill, and a catfish!

The Outdoor Campus also offer FREE classes for all ages. My kiddos started to attend Outdoor Campus classes at age 3. They learn about an animal through a puppet show, stories, and from the great teachers they have on staff. They also do a craft project, and play a game that matches the animal theme. Next registrations start tomorrow!!! June 14th.

Last time we were there some older kids were doing a scavenger hunt so we borrowed one of the sheets and did it as well. All of these animals and objects you can find inside the museum. I must say having this sheet was AWESOME because we actually saw things we had not noticed or seen before even though we had been there many times.

Click on the photo for large version then save it and print it out!

The original sheet said "bingo", and the middle space said "free" But it is not really a bingo game since all the cards were the same. So I edited it for you so it says Flopper in the middle and Hunt at the top! So print it out before you head to the Outdoor Campus and you are ready to have some fun!

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