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Monday, August 27, 2012

Clean and Organized Kids Rooms

The kids are off to school and now I only have one child left in the house. I decided to use this two week time before story time and other fun preschool activities start for my youngest to clean out the kids rooms.

I have learned it is much easier and more efficient to do so without my daughter present. She likes to keep every little scrap of paper. I get rid of bags of little pieces of paper and she never knows what is missing if I purge while she is gone. Out of sight is out of mind, she has not once missed anything I have decided to get rid of, and she is always super happy with her clean and organized room.

My kids clean their own rooms, don't get me wrong, but there comes a time where they need a good going through and reorganization to make it easier for them to put things away.

I know some of you have wondered what my kids rooms look like anyway, so here we go..

Child #1
7 years old
She got a new desk this year got to LOVE Ikea. She also loves her loft. She enjoys displaying all of her school artwork on the walls. Not my choice to hang them up there, but it is not my room and she LOVES it.
Click over to learn about her Mosaic Mirror.
Click to read about Robie the Red Robot you can see in the photo below.

The Loft with reading area, and icicle Christmas lights underneath. She also made her own fairy mobile a few years ago from her fairy party decorations, still hanging up. There are also various stuffed animal elevators she made out of recycle materials to transport her stuffed friends up and down from the loft.
Click to learn about her loft curtains, or her hanging READ book holder.
Wipe off board, world map and Judy moody printable.

Yep I did all the clothes and closet stuff too. I just moved the shoe hanger to her closet because I think it will get used more here for odds and ends than I was using it in my craft room. 

Child #2
5 years old
Notice the fishing pole holder on the wall behind the basket ball hoop. He is all about fishing.

 So it is not surprising that he has a poster of local fish right by his bed. Also this year he got a new fishing bedspread from Cabella's.

His closet is ready to go. His dinosaur lives in there because his siblings are afraid of it. Yes even his big sister has an issue with the dino.

The shelf on the right came from Menard's. We got it back when he was a baby. It was a five shelf kit and we modified it a bit so we could use it at his changing table. Now it works well for books and toys.


Child #3
3 years old

I still love being in this room as much as the first day I finished it.
We built his wall bookshelf ourselves.

After doing painted wood letters in the other kids rooms this time around we went with the block style paper letters from Hobby Lobby and I covered the fronts with scrapbook paper,
 I also covered many large puzzle pieces from a thrift store puzzle with scrapbook paper or paint to decorate his room.

I cut out large wooden puzzle piece shapes out of wood and attached hooks too them.
I covered the edges of each piece with paint or scrapbook paper to coordinate with the room colors.

All of my kids rooms have decorated windows used as frames.
The boys have a pottery barn alphabet card set letter in each frame.

My girl's is from her baby days. I had the kids who I taught in preschool paint these drawings in for me. The three kids who painted these are going to become teenagers this year!
Arial, Kyle and Bryce.

Ahhh... I have donated two boxes and 3 bags of clothes and toys to the local foster care store, and gotten rid of 5 grocery bags full of recyclables and garbage. We are officially clean and organized.. for now.

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