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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Almost Too Easy, Luke Skywalker Costume

I am not sure what our official costumes are going to be for Halloween this year. Last year the three ended up all as characters from Narnia.
This year my oldest, may just be Lucy again from Narnia, or Judy Moody by wearing one of her favorite outfits she got last year for Christmas.
My middle child is still undecided. My youngest however, who is now 3 and a half, has a list of about 20 things he wishes to be this year for Halloween. He tells me every day that he wants to be something different than yesterday.
One that keeps coming up is Luke Skywalker. Now that was almost too easy. So easy in fact I had to share the costume with you.

What you need:
   A white karate top-pretty easy to find at a thrift store, but big sister had one at our house.
White T-shirt 
Khaki Pants
Brown belt, ours is a finished strip of polar fleece fabric, and a light saber.

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