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Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Leaf Rainbow

We couldn't pass up a project where God gives us such beautiful supplies.

These are our trees. Today they are in full force. They contain 5 different colors, and every shade in between. Yes all on one day, and all on one tree!
 And although I have a to-do list for the day a mile long, we had to stop and do a craft, how could you not. So we took out a sheet of paper from Grandma's expired desk calendar, a bottle of glue and the leaves we gathered from our trees.

I asked if he wanted to make a circle (color wheel) or a rainbow.
He chose rainbow.
I am in awe of Gods creation this time of year and putting these leaves, that all came from one tree, in rows next to each other really made me amazed that they are so different yet came from one tree.
This reminds me again of the variety in all of God's creation.
Suddenly I am really hungry for Skittles!

No worries! We had some in the house.
So we matched the colors of the skittles to the colors of the leaves before we ate them.
Yum. Taste the rainbow!

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