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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Easy Outfit Shopping List, My Thrift Store Friend

When those days come around that Savers has 50% off their clothing it is a day I get ready to shop!
But how does one sort though all those racks for just the right pieces to complete your wardrobe?

Pinterest has helped me put some pretty neat outfits together while out thrift shopping. I just pin outfits I think are cute into my style board so when I get ready to shop, I have some idea of what to shop for, but I have mostly gone from memory when I get to the store. This has left me forgetting to look for some important pieces, and spending too much time looking at things trying to decide if I like it or not.

I know I like my style pinboard on pinterest so I started to write down some of the pieces I need to look for. But my descriptions of grey sweater leave way to much to my imagination. Even if I get specific with my descriptions they are not always easy to decipher.

So that is when I got the idea of printing off my pinterst style board. I suggest you do so in color as well so that you remember what colors to look for. Now I am set to head off to my favorite thrift stores to shop for the pieces I am missing from the outfits I have pinned.

All I need is at a glance!

To make sure all your pins fit onto your page, go to File, then select Print Preview. Then select the shrink to fit option. If you choose 50% all your pins should fit on the page width wise. You can also adjust the side margins by dragging the dotted lines on the preview page. It can take a bit for the photos to load to the preview page so be patient and don't worry if you are staring at a blank page for a few extra seconds.

Before I head out I plan on printing off my sewing inspiration boards too. You never know when you can upcycle a good thrift piece into a great new piece.

Savers does happen to have 50% off summer clearance today (August 21st) for Super Saver Card Members.
So head there and sign up for the Super Savers Club today. It is free and is not a credit card, just a perks type of card.
Happy Shopping!

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