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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Havin' A "Ball" for Halloween!

Out on a thrift store run today my youngest found...

"A ball."

His favorite word. "Ball ..ball.. ball... ball.." I hear this word a lot in a day. We do have balls, we have one just the same size as the ball he found but it is a pretty purple and white one. Not that my boy knows that purple is girly, but some days you just need a new ball.

Ok to tell you the truth it is entirely too hard to say no to this face!
This ball is orange. Plain orange. It is not fancy colored or covered with a Disney Character. Just orange. So we spent a big fifty cents to bring home the orange ball.

Once home I noticed that someone once upon a time had drawn some spirals on parts of the ball, they were very faded and you couldn't see them too much, but it was enough to inspire me.

If they can draw on a ball why can't I? And... what else would you possibly draw on an orange ball this time of year???


I am sure you guessed it.

Here is my son Jack with is Jack-o-Lantern Ball. The perfect Halloween gift for him since I am sure he won't be able to eat much of the candy.


Now he can stop trying to bounce the pumpkins.

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