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Friday, October 1, 2010

Ghost Cookies

Happy October everyone!

Let's get started on all those Halloween ideas right away so that you have a whole month to try them out.

This is one from my own childhood. My mom made these with me when I was in elementary school. I still think they are so cute! I also LOVE Nutter Butter cookies!!!

What you need:
Almond Bark
Coffee mug (or small microwave safe bowl)
Minni Chocolate Chips
Wax Paper

1.Place wax paper down on the counter.
2.Place 3 squares of Almond Bark in a coffee mug, using the times marked on the package. Stir.
3.Take a Nutter Butter Cookie and dip the end into the Almond Bark until coated. You can cover the whole cookie if you wish but we like ours to look like they are wearing a sheet ghost costume, and it is nice to have a dry place to hold the cookie as well.
4. Place cookie on wax paper and place mini chocolate chips pointy side down on the wet Almond Bark to make ghost eyes and a ghost mouth.
5. Let the Almond Bark cool and harden then eat!

Here is my crew last October making Ghost Cookies!
Always fun to sit on the counter!

My daughter was 4 years old.

And able to do most of this project herself!

What fun!


  1. I love these as well...just remember if you are taking them somewhere that lots of schools, etc... have banned peanut butter due to allergies. The traditional ghost suckers are a better option when treating a group.

  2. You can use Vienna Finger Cookies instead of the nutter butters. They are a vanilla sandwich cookie. White chocolate chips could be substituted for almond bark as well depending on the allergy. I had a friend ask and Those do not have peanut butter. I am just a sucker for nutter butters. YUM!