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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Costume Parade

Figured I would like a post with all the costumes I have made in one spot. So here we go! I must give credit to Grandma Gillis and Grandma Hoefert for helping on a couple.

Custom Overall's Scarecrow
Starting with a Thrift store pair of overalls. My mother and I made our own custom overalls. We made two pairs that year one for my niece as well.

This was a dress my grandmother made for my youngest cousin and it got passed down to my daugther. The dress worked great for Dorothy although it was not what it was origionally made for. The basket was a thrift store find.

Buzz Lightyear version #1


DIY superhero costumes and capes from a T-shirt click here.

Thrift Store Finds Pirate
Every item on this costume was from a thrift store. The only thing that was "Pirate" was the hat otherwise the rest was just clothing that we used to create the look.

Pippi Longstocking
Starting with a thrift store dress I sewed on patches and tossed on some miss matching sox and some chunky boots. I sewed Pippi's monkey friend, Mr. Neilson, to her shoulder so he would always be with her without getting lost. The hair is done with a piece of wire that ran across the back of her head and through her braids.

Thing one and Thing Two.
Read about this here.

Killer Whale
Read about this one here.

Candy Corn Fairy
This one you can read about here.

Buzz Lightyear with Retractable Wings
And the Buzz Wings!

I will have to search through photos at my mother's house to find some of my old costumes made by my mother. The Oreo Cookie Costume was the best!

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  1. What a great idea to put all of your creations in one post. You did a wonderful job. The little scarecrow is so cute and Pippy's pigtails are adorable.

  2. Great costumes! Love the scarecrow.

  3. Terrific costumes! Pippi Longstocking was fabulous-I could never get the hair right for my daughter. I loved all their faces and how proud and happy they all are.

    Thanks for a post that put a big smile on my face.

  4. I know its Tue., but awesome bunch of costumes! They are so much better than store bought.
    My favorite are Thing 1 and 2!

    I'm hoping I make my deadline this week for costume making!