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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Best "White Elephant" Gift Idea EVER!!!

Yep it is time once again for the annual white elephant gift exchange at my husband's work!

Last year he brought home a banana keeper.

This year he came home with something FUN and Creative and it made me realize I was missing a great opportuntity to get into this exchange instead of just shipping off something from our house that we don't need or use.

This was what he walked in the door with..


This small styrofoam cooler... and this waterproof note inside.


It says:

Mystery Ice "Made in the USA"
What's inside?
A lot of  $5,
Or $10,
Or Panera Gift Card
Thaw to find out!

This is a photo of the full gift in all it's glory!


The waterproof note, The "ice formation" and some crumpled newspaper it was sitting on top of inside the Styrofoam cooler.

So we set it in the sink and let the kids have fun melting the ice. We thought of  just letting it melt on it's own, but that is no fun, we thought of using a hair dryer, but with kids there is too much of a chance of electric shock. So we went with the hot water tap.

As the ice melted the kids were very excited when they saw this.

But as you and I can tell these were not real $5 bills.

So we flipped it over and let them start melting the other side and started to see this.


I was thinking at this point "Oh yeah... mama's gettin' a Panera card for Christmas!!!!"


But that is just what they wanted us to think.. Guess what. The Gift card paper thing was empty.

There was still a pretty thick chunk of fake money that was frozen so they kept melting it away.. And saving some bills to play restaurant with later. They had to go on the drying rack.


Then the money chunk began to fall apart under the water pressure and when they pulled the pieces back they found this little plastic package between the layers...



Looks like Mama got her gift card after all!!


Look at the reciept! It is worth $10

So the answer to the mystery... What's Inside???

All three!

A Panera gift card
and a bunch of (fake) $5 bills.

I thought this gift was awesome!!! Fun and Creative!

I think it got to the right family, we had a BLAST uncovering the mystery!

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