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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Classroom / Teacher Gift Idea


Well if you are a long time reader,  you maybe saw my post a while back about dancing ribbon rings. These are a little project I learned about when I was in my early college years from a fellow music teacher.

Movement with music is always more fun when you have something to manipulate while you move. Almost every elementary teacher uses music and movement to foster learning in their classroom.
Ribbon rings in a teacher supply stores are pretty expensive.


 Here is a set of 2 from Oriental Trading for $10 not counting shipping. If you read the reviews you can see that people are not impressed with the construction of these particular ones as well. If you bought 30 for a classroom you would be looking at $150.

What if I told you you can make your own for your child's classroom, music, gym or dance teacher for a Christmas gift for around 10 cents each. Yep 10 cents, and they serve the same purpose!


What you need:

Shower Curtain Rings- they are around $1.25 for 12 rings

Plastic Non Stick Tape- found by the caution tape in hardware stores. Rolls generally come in 300ft for around $3. If you make them all one color this will be enough to make 100 rings.


(To make a classroom holder ring you will need a wire hanger or some wire)


How to make the ribbon rings:

1. To make each ring, you will take your shower curtain ring and snap it closed.

2. Cut three, one yard lengths of your ribbon.

3. Tie each length at the middle using a simple knot like the beginning when you tie your shoe, You won't need a double knot. When you are done you will have six equal strands hanging from your ribbon.

How to make a holder to hold your classroom set of ribbon rings:

Option #1: Take some thick metal wire and form it into a circle, but make the ends of the circle overlap a bit. Bend the cut ends of your wire over so they are not sharp.

Then bend each end into a U shape one going one way and one going the other so that they can hook together when the rings are on.


Option #2: Cut a metal hanger at the bend towards the top. Bend one end so that it makes a U shape. Bend the other cut end the opposite direction in U shape so that the two U shapes can be hooked together to keep the hanger closed.



Any extra plastic ribbon you have you can always give to the teacher as well in case she needs to replace ribbons that may ripped. This would only happen if a student decided to pull forcefully on one, or if it was stuck under a friends foot. It happens, but with this kind of ribbon ring, the repairs are easy and cost pennies.

Here is a little holiday song you can use with your ribbon rings.

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  1. I would have loved this while I was teaching elementary art! great idea!

  2. These are great, I had two ribbons like this for my classroom and I wish I'd have known how to make a whole set!