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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1 Old Sweater... 3 New Looks

Today I had the clothes blahs. Well mainly because it is laundry day and many of my favorite items needed to be washed.

I did however have this brown shirt that is clean and comfy. So I put it on, but it was kind of boring...it needed something.


This motivated me to do a project I have had on my list since the end of September.
See I had gotten a new sweater this fall and LOVE it, and it is the same color as an older sweater I have, but I liked the style of the new one much better and the old one is well... Maybe around 5 years old. It has been a good sweater but just wasn't quite in style anymore. Just didn't excite me and it make me feel a bit frumpy when I wore it. See.


So this is what I did...
I took the sweater,

Turned it inside out.
Using my machine I stitched on the sleeves right next to where the sleeve is attached to the body of the sweater.


Then I cut the sleeves off between the stitching and where the sweater sleeve was attached to the sweater body. The new stitching I did will keep the sleeve from unraveling and the rest won't unravel because it is already has a hem at the arm.

Then I took the two sleeves turned them right side out. Put the hemmed end inside the open wrist end, and stitched them together.
What did I end up with....

An infinity scarf that you can wear open....


Or doubled....


I also got a pretty cute Sweater vest...


I was tired of wearing my sweater and most likely it would have sat in my closet unused until I donated it. But now I get to keep wearing it, and I have 3 new looks, all of which I like much better than the original sweater.

Had to share this with my pals over at:
Katie's Nesting Spot

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