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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wire Napkin Rings


I have had a few posts about working with wire now. I am telling you once you start you will find all sorts of things to use this stuff for. It becomes so useful to have a roll of wire around.
Well using the same techniques I used for the spiral pumpkin decorations you can make these awesome napkin rings. Great for a gift for a friend family member or neighbor.  I used to sell these at my mothers craft booth when I was in high school. They were pretty popular, and so simple to make.

What you need:


Wire, I get mine at a local hardware store called Ace.
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutter, (sometimes the pliers has one on it already) The one pictured above does.
Empty small container, like a travel shampoo bottle.



Take your pliers and hold the end of the wire with the end of the pliers. Then hold the rest of the wire with your left hand. Start to twist the wire around the end of the pliers by twisting the players.


Now you wrap the wire in a loop around something round like a travel shampoo bottle. This will make your loop for putting your napkin in.


Once you are back to the spiral again you are going to leave two inches and then cut off the end of the wire. Then you use your pliers to make a spiral with the new cut end until your spiral is lined up with the first.


Doesn't cost much for some wire, but the WOW factor, is priceless!


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  1. Very pretty and classic! You could use these all year round :)

  2. These are simply terrific! I love the whimsy look of them! Way to go!!
    Happy holiday hugs
    ~Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor~

  3. Very pretty, but can I ask what gauge of wire you used?