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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Catch a Falling Snowflake


It was lightly snowing Sunday morning before Church. It was a lovely sight and the wind was not blowing so the flakes lightly drifted to the ground.

As the kids watched the snowflakes fall from the window I went and got some black card stock I had and gave each of them a small piece. Then I sent them outside quick to catch snowflakes.


You can't really see what a snowflake looks like as it falls, but if you catch it on black paper you can then see the tiny little details that each snowflake has.


I had once heard that no two snowflakes are alike. How amazing to think that our backyard is filled with little pieces of beautiful art piled up. How many snowflakes do you think it takes to make a snowman? It is hard to imagine and amazing to see God's wonderful creations. He is the one true artist and Creator. We mealy create our little projects with the gifts he has given us.


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  1. I love the last picture. I've never saw a snowflake up close with so much detail!