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Sunday, May 29, 2011

2011 Garden and Random stuff.

I wanted to pop a post up here about our 2011 garden plans so you can follow and see how it works out. As you can see from all our pictures we have a bit of a rabbit issue. Thus all the chicken wire.

We planted veggies this year in our raised garden. It is not a very big garden so it will probably get a bit crowded in there but we have Tomatoes, Summer Squash, Green Pepper, and Zucchini.

I have a friend who is pretty good at the whole gardening thing... She uses this method to water her tomatoes.

It is a 20 oz bottle with the bottom cut off. Then you bury the open top, where you drink out of, in the ground by the bottom of your tomato plant. Then you fill the bottle to water your tomato. Once they are big they will need 20 oz of water per day to produce so it is also a great way to measure. Tomatoes like being watered from the bottom better, tomato plants don't like being wet on top as much I guess. So we are going to try it this year.

In the Children's Garden this year we decided to do our usually easy to grow Giant Sunflowers in the back buckets. You can see our three year old sign is starting to fade a bit, and our buckets have a couple rust spots, but three years outside all year round. Pretty impressive. 

This is also our third year for our Tepee. We decided since we have our main veggies in the raised garden we are going to try to make our mini pumpkins climb around the tepee. Wish us luck!

Yesterday we planted our last few things, and made some new wooden garden signs.
While the paint was out for the garden signs the kids also had fun painting some rocks.

Also since the kids were doing some hammering yesterday to put together the plant signs my daughter got creative on her own. With the scrap wood we have, a hammer, some nails and some crayons she made this awesome project all on her own we were not allowed to look until she was finished. Pretty cool huh? This is why we keep scraps of wood around for the kids to create with. You never know what a 6, 4, and 2 year old may come up with.

Wanted to end with a couple photos of our garden in the past so we know what to look forward to.


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