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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Concrete Block Herb Garden

I did it!
I built my herb garden today!
I used six concrete blocks I got from Craigslist.
I stacked them up into a shape I liked, filled them with dirt and that's it.

I decorated it with sidewalk chalk today, which I realize will wash away in the rain, but I am sure my little artists will keep it well decorated all summer long.

I would have used some concrete glue to stick them together but I am not worried about them falling, and this way I can either add more to it next year or easily move it to another spot if this spot doesn't get enough light, or gets too hot from the rocks around it.

I even had a tiny set of volunteer chives pop up in my garden from two years ago, I was able to easily transplant them over to their new home. They are hearty little things so I know they will do well anywhere I put them.

I had an extra strawberry plant that needed a home too so I stuck it into one of the spots and gave him his own little greenhouse since it is a bit early for strawberries outdoors. He had nowhere else to go and honestly I was excited to stick something in my new planter.

Oh and if you were wondering who that little rock guy is there at the bottom?
His name is Herb.

I am new to herb gardening so we will see how this year goes planting them in cement blocks.

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