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Monday, April 16, 2012

Finding Fossils!

Did you know that you can find fossils just by searing in your landscape river rock?
Well evidently you can, cause we did!

We found this interesting fossil.

We brought it to my son's preschool teacher who is very interested in Geology and she brought it to her club. Her group leader identified it as a  fossil stingray tooth. They used these teeth to crush clam shells.

I looked up some images of stingray teeth and did not found one like it So I joined an online fossil forum and posted photos to ask if anyone could help with identifying it.

Check this link out!
Pretty cool huh?
It is a rare fossil of a shark's tooth. A shark who lived during the late cretatious period and has been extinct for over 85 million years!! It uses these wierd teeth to crush the hard shelled animals that made up it's diet.
I found out later that river rock is a good place to find fun things like this. Who knew we could hunt for fossils right in our own backyard?

Here is the link to our post so you can see what he and others had to say about our fossil find.

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