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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Juice Carton Wallet

"Mom I want a wallet!!!"
This is what my daughter has been saying for the past week and a half.
I really don't think she needs a wallet and I really didn't want to go buy one either.
But I did always want to try to make one out of a juice carton.

Enter an empty orange juice carton I saved from Easter brunch.

"You want a wallet? Let's make one!"


We followed the video tutorial from Family Fun and printed out their template.
She needed help for this project, it was not super simple and did take some work.

I would say the most difficult part was making sure you score the fold lines on the side really well. If you do not they want to fold in places that don't work.

Cutting the tiny circle hole to put over the spout is a bit tricky too.

 I do however love how the orange ended up in a cool spot on the back and the word NICE is above the spout. This orange juice was purchased at Walgreen's.

A super happy camper with her new wallet. Cost to me $0.


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