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Friday, July 20, 2012

Back to School Fun and Funky Composition Notebooks

Less than a month before school starts, that means School Supplies are out and on sale. It also means that it is time to brush up on handwriting skills that may have gotten rusty over the summer. I needed a way to encourage some summer writing with my kiddos so I purchased two composition notebooks for 29 cents each. Then we got out the craft supplies.

We got out the box of stickers, whenever we have stickers leftover from kits or other things we put them all in one box. It is nice to be able to take this box out for whatever projects we want. We also got out some paper, markers, scissors, packing tape, beads and string. 

Then the kids went to town decorating their notebooks in any way they wanted.

Once they had their decorations on the notebook we used the packing tape to laminate them in place.

We also used the beads and string to make a built in book mark for each notebook.

Two fun and funky notebooks ready to be filled with story ideas, journal entries, lists of what we did this summer and "word family" lists.

Another fun summer afternoon project.

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