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Sunday, July 1, 2012

4th of July Red white and Blue Patriotic Sharpie Tie Dye T-Shirts

I think it may be tradition since I was little to decorate a T-shirt for the 4th of July. I even remember having a T-shirt decorating party one year on my birthday since my birthday is only a week and a half prior to the 4th of July. We have sponge painted, puffy painted, tye died, used ribbons, I even remember using a sort of plastic bedazzling snap thing to decorate 4th of july shirts.

This year we decided to try out the sharpie method of tie dye to make our patriotic creations. We have seen this on pinterest and pinned it in the winter but I knew just using red and blue we could make a patriotic version.

What we used:
   White T-shirts (we got ours at dollar tree)
    Blue Sharpie Marker
    Red Shaprie Marker
    Plastic cups
    Rubber bands
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Medicine dropper, we used a baby medicine dropper.
Red and Blue ribbon to tie at shoulders (optional)

Put cup inside the T-shirt and secure with a rubberband. Color the circle in in whatever way you want leaving plenty of white space.

Drop rubbing alcohol in the center of the circle and watch the color spread out to the edge of the cup.

Once the alcohol is dry, put in the dryer for 15 min to set the color.

 Happy Decorating!

We added some red and blue ribbon to the shoulders to give our shirt a sleeveless look and an extra pop of color.

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