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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot Rock Coloring

It is HOT here today. We have spent most of the day indoors in order to stay cool, our outdoor thermometer reads 102 degrees.

After a few games of PIG indoors using the small basketball hoop in the living room, I knew it was time for a project.
Time to try out the hot rock painting.

I had seen this on pinterest but people actually took rocks and put them in an electric skillet to heat them up. I thought to myself who needs a skillet when you can wait for an incredibly hot day. Today was that day.

We took our crayons outside (yes we keep our crayons in an empty wipes container works awesome!)  and found some rocks we wanted to try out. When the crayons touch the hot rocks they instantly melt making a melted paint so to speak. A fun new medium to decorate the rocks with.

We found that the smooth rocks worked the best since they made the most surface contact with the crayons. We also found that black rocks worked the best since they absorbed more of the suns rays making them hotter. Be careful they are really HOT.

We also found that the generic brands of crayons or the crayons you take home from most restaurants have a lower melting point so they worked even better for this project.
Crayola didn't melt as fast so you had to color slower.

Interesting science mixed in with art.
My daughter was able to learn about surface area, the color black absorbing more heat and about the melting points of different brands of crayons. Just goes to show you can learn something new every day no matter what you are doing.

Need some ideas to color?
We made flowers, stars and stripes, spirals, suns, rainbows, owls, an octopus, fossil fish, and just plain colored rocks.

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