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Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the Olympics Begin!

Tonight for the Olympic Opening Ceremonies we had a little party!
 It was a great evening at home and a great way to get the kids excited about the games!

First we made some silver medals. We took an empty cereal box and traced and cut some circles out.

We wrapped the circles in tin foil.

Then we used tooth picks to draw pictures on them. My son wanted the number 3 on his silver medal.
We used some thick ribbon I had from my grandmother, and used a staple to easily attach the cut ends into place. 

Then they worked together to make some paper plate Olympic rings to hang on our fireplace mantel.

We found this free board game printable and the kids had fun playing this with their Grandma while waiting for the ceremonies to start. The link also has other great free Olympics printables for kids.

We even had a good Olympic themed snack. (No not McDonald's, Wheaties, and Coke Classic.) Grandma picked up some Cheerios snack mix on the way to our house we mixed it with our microwave popcorn we had already planned. So the kids had fun eating the Olympic rings (Cheerios) as well.

It was a great and enjoyable evening at home that I am sure will leave some memories that they can think about the next time the Olympics roll around.

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