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Friday, September 17, 2010

Welcome Home With the Boys Fans! Giveaway.

What fun! Hello "Home With The Boys" fan's! I am so glad you can join us. I see that you are curious about the scarf I made for my old friend from high school Erin!

It has been so fun reconnecting with her! Turns out even though we have not seen each other since high school we have followed some of the same paths. For one we both have a music degree, and we both are MOPS moms! I have served on MOPS steering as... you guessed it Crafts Coordinator. Yep a no brain-er for me. :)

It has been fun reconnecting with Erin. She is so sweet! It is fun to see what God has done in the lives of friends you have not seen in a while. She has been greatly blessed.

Well .... Blah blah blah onto the scarf. If you want to know how I made this scarf... Click here.

While you are here... If you are into making your own fall fashion accessories here is another cute idea for you here.


And if you are a mom that loves craft projects with your kids I usually have a bit to offer in that area too. Here are my two fall favorites at this point!

Click here to learn how to make chunky fall crayons for use with leaf etching.

Click here for this crayon paper tree tutorial.

I am glad you could join me, feel free to see my other fun projects to see if there is anything you like, and I hope you can stick around! I am always busy making something!

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