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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Beadboard Turkey

Well it is the first Saturday of the month today and we usually head to Home Depot with the kids to do their free kids project. Well... we didn't care much for their project today, it was a spice rack, so we opted to stay home and do our own project.


With the supplies on hand to make this project...

Beadboard leftover from a bookshelf we made our son last year.
Scrap wood
Wooden dowels (we didn't exactly have any on hand so we used the next best thing we did have..Take out Chopsticks!)
Wood scraps, well we have plenty of those.

The inspiration from this blogger, I was so pumped to make these things. I figured that I could get my husband to cut the pieces for me. But... I guess he was not as excited as I was to do the project so I cut the pieces myself.

I used a Rotozip, which I may add... I am probably more skilled at using than my husband. He even let me cut the hole for the sink in the counter top at the last house using this puppy. So it didn't take me long to cut my pieces. I also used the miter saw a little bit to make the feet. I am not afraid of power tools.

I did however call upon my hubby nicely to help with drilling the holes for the legs, mainly because I don't care for searching through his bits and goodness sakes I had to drag him into the family activity somehow.

So I cut....

And the kids painted....



Then I sanded a little and the kids glued. Then we were finished.


Adorable don't you think?

If you were wondering about the tree project in the background. You can find that project here.

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  1. I love them. Your kids did great at painting. I am really impressed that you cut everything out yourself. I a had some help from the hubby, because I am still learning to use the scroll-saw. I have never heard of a Rotozip, I will have to check that out.

    Thanks for looking at my blog!

    Jessica at Chapman place

  2. Great tutorial! I can't wait to try this! : )