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Monday, April 4, 2011

Tie-dye Coffee Filter Easter Eggs

Today I had a play date with some preschool aged children and their mommies and this was the perfect little project for the kids. I had gotten the supplies earlier this week to do on a rainy day with my kiddos but the play date was the perfect time to get them out.

Coffee filters

Spray bottle with water

Line to hang them on (optional)

Cut your coffee filters into an egg shape and let the kids color them with markers. Once they are colored give them misty spray from the water bottle and then hang them up to dry. The maker colors bleed together when wet making them look tie-dye. 

Warning if you use too much water the colors will wash off your egg. One nice misty squirt does the trick, the colors will take some time to bleed so give it a minute or two. Use LOTS of color. One small line from a skinny marker may not give you much. The more color the better. :)

We hung ours up on a line, The ends of the line are attached to the window with suction cup snap hooks. I just happened to have some super tiny clothes pins on hand, they were perfect to hang them on the line to dry.

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