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Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools!

Our favorite kid tricks from this year. Sorry I wasn't able to tell you about them before the big day, but now you will have them ready for next year.

First up, from our daughter's kindergarten teacher.

This is the best BROWNIE  in the world!!!
 or should I say the best  BROWN, E

What a hoot!

My daughter came home to share this trick with her brother and then again when Dad came home. What a funny trick.

Next up we have the good old mom breakfast gag!
Put a few drops of green food coloring under their dry cereal in the morning. Then when they go to poor on the milk, their milk turns green. You could use any color actually but the green also works for St. Patrick's day when those pesky Leprechauns play tricks on people. (wink wink)

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