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Friday, April 22, 2011

Washer and Leather Chord Bracelet

Happy Easter!
Humm... what do I want in my Easter Basket. Craft supplies of course. Jewelry would be nice. How about both!

I saw a similar bracelet on a facebook link, it had a fancy metal circle. A bit too fancy for my taste and style... So I decided to do the bracelet myself, but make it my own style of course. I can't tell you how much the original jewelry maker charges, but my bracelet came in right around $2.

Supplies and where to get them in Sioux Falls
Metal Washer: 17 cents at Ace.
1 yd Round Leather Colored Chord: Naga Leather and Beads  (you won't find colored chord at the chain stores) Head in to Naga and talk to the Hark, tell him Kara sent you for it. :)
If you want purple like mine you better get there soon, he is almost out and it is a discontinued color.
My daughter knows how to pick her friends, and her BFF's dad is Hark.
I am sure he can hook you up with a couple jump rings, 4 chord crimps, and 1 clasp as well but I had those in my stash.

Cut your 1 yard into 4 equal lenghts, Easy way it so fold it in half, cut and fold in half again.

One side of the washer is rounded and one is square, I like the rounded side up. So when you sting your chord in keep the round side up.
To string your chord first take one piece and fold it in half. Stick the round folded part through the hole, this makes a loop. Then pull the two ends into this loop and pull tight. Repeat on the other side so it looks like this.

Now fold the chords so they are sticking straight up out of the hole, this will get them out of the way so you can put the other chords on the same way... but the side of the loop you pull through will be on the outside of your first loop knot. Then fold other knot down into place on top.

You will have four raw ends on each side. This is your chance to adjust the bracelet to the size that fits you best.. I had trouble finding a chrimp end that could hold all four ends. So I used two on each end that each hold two ends. Then a jump ring to hold the two together. Attach your clasp to one of the jump rings. Then you are done!

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