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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Wreath Re-do

I have a fall wreath I got cheap at a thrift store a couple years ago. I have used it outside my house for a few years. But this year I decided Mr.Scarecrow was just not my style. More like a grandmother's style.
I wanted something a bit more sophisticated than the faded scare crow character.

So I pulled him off. I also pulled some plastic fall leaves that were on this wreath and used them on my fall wall hanging frame project.

I was left with this.. I was ok with the Harvest Blessings sign, I can always repaint it later and put different words or house number or whatever if I wish. So I went to work to make this wreath look nice again.

My first idea was to make some crochet flowers out of yarn. My friend Erin over at
has made a few of these necklaces with this technique of spiraling a daisy chain and I had not yet seen them on a wreath as a decoration, so I thought it would be a great idea.

Problem was... I didn't have any good fall colors of yarn, and I don't use yarn too often so I wasn't sure I wanted to make the big yarn investment for something so small.

I also thought these felt flower wreaths were cool.

 People all over are making these right now.

This one was made by Katie over at Little Things Bring Smiles. She has a link to a tutorial on how to make the felt flowers too if you are interested.

Yet.. I honestly didn't have any felt in the house either.

But I do have fabric...

 and there are neat fabric flowers out there people have been putting on wreaths like these that Sara made over at Our Best Bites.

Yet... I couldn't decide on what I wanted to do..

 I liked all three ideas..

So I decided to COMBINE a few of the ideas to make something new and original.

I took some fabric and cut it into strips, then used my crochet hook and made them into chains.

Then I took the chains and spiraled them into fabric flowers. I think it made a nice mix between Erin's yarn flowers, and the fabric twisted ones that Sara made.

I splurged and used my coupon at Michale's and got a couple sheets of felt. So I could try out the felt flowers too.

Then added a sprig of garland here or there from a strand I have in the house, and some fabric leaves.

Yes, I do have a purple front door. I LOVE it. It was there when we moved in. :)

I think it turned out nice. Much nicer than what I started with.

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