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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Girls Fall Florals Skirt

This year when I got clothes at a rummage and thrift stores for my daughter I purposefully didn't buy any skirts. Skirts are pretty easy to make and I did want to make some of her clothing this year.

I told myself I was done buying her clothes last spring so didn't dare look at anymore since then, then when the weather changed to fall, I went searching for a skirt for her to wear with her denim jacket.. There was none there?? I couldn't believe I left a skirt out of her wardrobe. Then I remembered that I was planning on making skirts for her this year.

I knew right away what I wanted to try. I used another skirt of hers for a pattern. She didn't care for the colors of the other skirt and wouldn't wear it. I liked the fun pattern though. I let my daughter pick out of my fabric stash, letting her choose her favorites from the fall florals. This way she will like it better. She was excited about her choices. And I think she did a great job choosing as well.

It is a circle skirt in a sense.. But you make it with two shapes. Rectangles and a fat neck tie diamond shaped piece. Alternate patterns and fabrics anyway you wish. Here is what we ended up with.

Then I sewed the pieces together one at a time so that they made a circles. Then added a fabric tube to the top for the hip part and just made a tunnel for the elastic waistband. This is what the original skirt had as well. I am not sure it would be as long as I wanted if I had left that part out. I did a simple rolled hem at the bottom.

We both like how it turned out.

Great for twirling as well.

Yep I am glad I didn't buy any skirts!

It even matched the circle fall flower brooch I made last year, so it added a nice accent to the jacket.

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  1. Oh, I love this skirt. I have made a ton of these during the summer, but never with the longer, extended piece in-between each standard rectangle. LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing!