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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SO EASY Cinnamon Almonds

I just love Pinterest. I love all the neat ideas I find. I am pretty good at trying them out too... If I have easy access to the stuff I need. Turns out this idea I found I had everything I needed. Not only that.. but I was actually looking to a solution to my almond problem.

Last spring Walgreen's put their canned nuts on clearance. I got a few cans of almonds, some salted, and some natural. They were only $1.99 a can at the time because they had a new label design and wanted to clear the old cans out to make room for the new.  I do like almonds but enjoy the salted variety much better than the natural. So I here I was with two cans of natural almonds taking up room in my cupboard and I really didn't want to just eat them. I was not too excited about trying to salt and roast them myself, just didn't seem too interesting. So their they sat until I saw this pinned on Pinterest.

And Pretty tasty too!
Sugar, water, Cinnamon, and almonds are all you need!

I used up all my almonds, they taste much better than the natural ones I wasn't excited to eat, and I now have a fun thing to set out for a friend's brunch I am hosting tomorrow morning.

They suggest that it makes a good holiday and teacher gift too.
What a good idea!

I think I should have cooked them a bit longer than I did. I waited until it caramelized instead of crystallized. Oh well, I now know for next time. That is why they look a tiny bit different than the original recipe.
 But they still taste good.

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