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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pumpkin Time-Vine

My daughter needed to create a timeline for a school project. She was to use photos from when she was born until now and attach them to a string, or strip of paper. They said any idea was fine and muttered those words no one should ever say to me.. "Feel free to be as creative as you want!"

Lucky for me, my daughter loves projects just as much as I do, and when I told her my idea she was pumped to get started. All I did was provide supplies and the idea, the rest was up to her.

The idea was to make a pumpkin time-"vine" instead of a time-"line." The time-vine used photos of all of her Halloween costumes from her first Halloween until now. It was a great idea I think since each photo was taken at the same time each year so you can see how much she grew in a year. Also it provided her something fun to write in each description.

The Supplies I Gave Her:
Printed Photos
Orange Paint, you could use crayons.
Paint Brush
Green paper with leaf shapes printed on them.
Sticky Foam Numbers (optional)

She spent hours on this project but loved every minute of it. It really was a lot of work for a 6 year old, and she could have done something more simple, but like I said she loves arts and crafts projects so took it and ran. I suggested she use orange crayons, and a single strand of yarn to make the pumpkin vine more simple, but she asked if she could use paint and spent an hour finger knitting a vine out of the green yarn to make it thicker than a single strand vine.

She painted the 6 plates orange. Glued on her photos. Cut out 7 leaves I printed out using a template I found online. She wrote descriptions for each picture on the leaves, put the photos in order, added the appropriate number sticker for her age that year, glued the leaves to the pumpkins, did finger knitting to make a vine out of yarn, and then taped the vine to the plates.

She started on Sunday, and finished it up Tuesday evening. I honestly marvel at how much time and effort she put into it. HOURS! I think you can really tell, and she was very proud of her work.

Here are a few closeups.. I LOVE some her phonetic spellings.

The word "fairy" she decided to look up in a Tinkerbell book we had. Great thinking!

"I was Buzz! To infintee and beeond!"

"I was a pirate! ArG!"

I love the "ArG" she added.

"I was Pippi."

On the last leaf she put a question mark and wrote "Wait and see!" because she wants this years costume to stay a surprise, and it is not Halloween yet!

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  1. What a fun Halloween project! Looks like she had a super time doing it. What more can you ask for? I am a new follower from For the Kids Fridays. Vicky @ www.messforless.net

  2. This is such a cute idea! I love the time vine!

    Mandi at BBM

  3. what an adorable and perfect idea! we have my son's previous halloween's up around the house but this would be a great way to display them. very creative. I'm a new follower, take care!