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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Outdoor Wall Framed Leaves

Labor Day was so yesterday.
No serously it was just yesterday!
and make something new for fall!

I used to hang a wreath with a scarecrow on it, but I never really liked it, and he was so faided this year I knew I had to do something different.

I am am a DIY girl, not much into buying things, I would rather make my own. I wanted something fun, yet a bit more grown up looking instead of the scarecrow.

I got inspired by a couple ideas on pinterest, feel free to follow me if you are on Pinterest, Kara Weber, so you can see them. I wish I could link to the the images that inspired me, but they are in a flickr so hopelessly lost  and I tired looking.

So off to Y's Buys we went to search for a frame.
Today was 25% off like every Tuesday so I found this georgous picture there marked for $1, so I spent 75 cents on it.

There was no glass, and although it looks fancy, everyone wants a picture of a coffee pot and cantelope right?, the mat and picture are printed on paper and backed by cardboard.

I had to do a bit of deconstruction since it was attached to the frame on the back with staples.

Nothing 2 and 4 year old boys and some needle nose pliers can't fix. My boys LOVE deconstruction. I even let them punch the picture out of the frame with their hands once the staples were out.
My two helpers.

They also got in on the Paint action. I had a small can of crimson red paint in the basement that I had gotten out of grandma Weber's garage when she cleaned out paint.

Orange Ribbon I had on hand upstairs, although I wish I had the size bigger than I had.
Then I deconstructed my old fall wreath and took the plastic leaves off of it, they were not faided like the scare crow.

Sewed a bit.

Had the boys attach the screw in hooks that I took off one of their home depot kids workshop projects they never use.

The boys helped tie the ribbon onto the hooks.

Then we hung it up outside!

Our own leafy take on the ever popular bunting projects going around.

Can't wait to add the pumpkins to the porch next month!

It's a live moving piece of artwork blowing in the breese.

Bare feet and shorts won't be around much longer!

Ah, isn't fall pretty.

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  1. I LOVE it!! I need to get my fall decorations out. I'm sooo ready for cooler weather! Thanks for the great idea!