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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cheesey Egg Omelets in a Muffin Tin

My son is a  big breakfast eater. He can eat up to three different breakfast's in a morning. He is a growing boy. But now that he is off to kindergarten he can no longer just eat all morning, he also has to eat much earlier than his body is used to eating.

I know I need to get a good source of protein and some fiber in his breakfasts so that he stays satisfied until lunch time. Lucky for me he loves eggs. These simple egg omelets in a muffin tin are an easy way to get that protein in. Put them on an multi grain English muffin to add some good fiber, and I think I found a simple and easy grab and go breakfast for my growing Kindergartner.

Egg Omelets in a Muffin Tin:

Spray a six cup muffin tin with cooking spray, (the non-stick tins don't work as well as the plain aluminum ones)

Crack six eggs into a liquid measuring cup. Add salt if you wish.
Mix eggs up with a fork until whites and yokes are blended well.
Pour equal amounts into each of the muffin tin cups

Bake 325 for 10 min.
Do not over bake.
When you take the tin out, the eggs will have a hollow center perfect for holding diced ham or shredded cheese.

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