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Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to School of Fish??

First day of school here and this year I sent off two children! Now I only have one left at home. I swear it was his idea to go shopping today, he didn't want to go home to an empty house. So I followed his idea and headed off to Gordman's and Walmart. 

I wanted to get the kids something special to remember their first day of school, after looking at various toys and such. I decided to go with fish.

I guess I thought I needed something to take care of now that I was down two things to take care of during the day???

My youngest son picked out the fish for his big brother and sister (he got a new Star Wars guy so he was ok with not getting a fish of his own.)

A blue beta for brother, since that is his favorite color, no brainer there.
He is now happy in his new home in an empty Fisher Peanut container.

 He was pretty feisty and energetic, a pretty good fit for my son honestly.

For his sister he chose a white beta. I had never seen one this white before, he shimmers in the sun.
very pretty. I hope my daughter likes her brother's choice.

He was much calmer than his blue friend, but swam beautifully around the tank once we put her in. We had this tank from a set of goldfish we had a few years ago. We had rock, and even already had beta food. So we are set.

I set each fish on their desks with a new outfit I had saved and a note that says.

A group of fish is called a school, so to help you remember your first day of school, I got you a fish. I am sure you will get along swimmingly. At bedtime when you have done all you need to do and you are ready to crawl into bed you get to feed your new fish friend.

The fish are named after each child's school to make it even more memorable, and the names fit the fish pretty well I think.
  They are both attending new and separate schools this year.

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